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Short Film & Branded Content

We are now open for entries to the 23/24 Competition. We close on 30th November 23.
Entries will be judged in Brighton in January 24, with a winner's presentation in February 24.


We appreciate that many short films are made with excruciatingly low budgets so we have included craft categories to celebrate those individuals whose efforts may otherwise go unacknowledged. Your work will be seen by a jury comprising of some of the world’s TOP commissioners of short form content (important, as you want to sell yourself as well as your work). Through our awards and their endorsement of your work, you’ll ensure your creation gets the worldwide publicity is deserves. With the increase in demand for short form content The Shark Awards will provide a great exposure opportunity for makers of short films.

Short Film Categories

  • Best Short Film under 25 mins

  • Best Short Film under 15 mins

  • Best Short Film under 10 mins

  • Best Short Film under 5 mins

  • Best Animated Short

  • Best Documentary Short

  • Best Irish Short Film

  • Best Acting Performance

  • Best Animation

  • Best Cinematography

  • Best Direction

  • Best Writing

  • Best Editing

  • Best Original Music

  • Best Production Design

Branded Content Categories

  • Best Doumentary under 5 mins

  • Best Doumentary over 5 mins

  • Best Fiction under 5 mins

  • Best Fiction over 5 mins

  • Best Filmed Brand Experience/Stunts & Events/TV Shows etc under 5 mins

  • Best Filmed Brand Experience/Stunts & Events/TV Shows etc over 5 mins

At The Sharks we do not operate a 'best in show' principle. The jury reserves the right not to make any award in
any category if the creative standard has not been met (jury's discretion).
Therefore It is possible for a category
to have films shortlisted but no Gold awarded.


This year we have merged Branded Content into our Short Film Section.

As the advertising and marketing industry increasingly looks to the talent and craft of storytelling in the Short Film sector, we felt this crossover could be better accommodated by adding Branded Content to this category. Our 2022 Jury panel now represents this union bringing together a panel of creatives from the production and advertising industry and adds another level of evaluation to the judging process. 

Jury for 2022

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