18th September

In short, your work will be seen by a jury comprising of some of the world’s most

influential film-makers 
(important, as you want to sell yourself as well as your work).

We also appreciate many shorts are often made with excruciatingly low budgets so have included craft categories to celebrate those individuals whose efforts may otherwise go unacknowledged and/or unrewarded..

Our background of celebrating creativity in advertising, means we've a large following of ad agencies and production companies that specialise in short form content.

It's well-known that moving image, through short stories, is the most impactful tool available to communicate stories and this is why we've limited the run time of film entries to 15 minutes.


 With the increase in demand for short form content created by IPTV the Shark Awards will provide a great exposure opportunity for makers of short films.



Phillippa Thomas

The unique medium of short film can offer a launchpad for success, a way to find a directorial voice and a calling card to showcase craft. 


They allow for narrative-independent storylines that are not bound to commercial success, and so are crucial for the development of emerging storytellers. A short film has the potential to establish a filmmaker in the festival scene and pave the way to a first feature. Tom Harper, a BAFTA nominated director, began his career making and winning awards for short films before moving into longer format, directing Peaky Blinders and most recently the BBC mini series War and Peace. Sophia Coppola’s short film “Lick The Star” showed the beginnings of her unique cinematic style and Wes Anderson’s 13 minute short film “Bottle Rocket” caught the eye of a producer who funded the feature film based on the short. 


Even if creating short films do not lead to feature length or TV productions, they are undoubtedly a valuable way of honing the craft of filmmaking and visual experimentation.




'Short Films Only' Delegate available €100 + VAT