Entries in this category include all moving image advertising.

This is inclusive of, but not limited to: commercial television, cinema, online, mobile & outdoor advertising. hardly need to explain what a commercial is.

And if we DO, we're guessing you're a fan of great white

sharks and have stumbled onto our page by mistake.

That said, if as well as being interested in great whites,

you've ALSO written, produced and/or directed a fantastic TV/cinema/digital commercial (or commercials) this could

be your lucky day.

(and ours).


Ray Del Savio

Kinsale is an incredibly unique show that consistently features some of the best work in the industry. I'm excited to get out of my New York bubble and talk about great work with the other jury members. 

I hope to see work that is firmly grounded in an insightful idea or relatable truth and is executed with the highest level of craft. 




The Shark Awards Kinsale, 10 Herbert Street, Dublin D02 EF99, Ireland.   +353 (1) 244 0660