This category recognises the craft and skill executed in the creation of animated mediums.

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more superb entries in animation and every year there is work entered that genuinely knocks the socks off out judges.


If you have a piece of animated work you think is good enough to put in front of judges and to challenge them with "tell me THAT isn't genius - I dare you!!" then enter it and show the world.

We've had TWO speakers from Fox TVs The Simpsons speak at Kinsale in the past (Mike Scully and Mike Reiss) so you never know.



Paul Young, CEO & Head of Development | Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny.

Working in an animation studio myself, I see that creative people can be very quiet and modest about their amazing work and that of their team. Modesty and humility are very welcome traits in any environment of course. So every now and then, it's up to others to recognise what wonderful things they have made and just say "That was Fuppin Brilliant!! - in a very loud and public fashion. 

So I'm happy to add my voice to that as a member of the Jury for the 2019 Shark Awards.