Advertising is seeing a continued growth in brands and story tellers exploring alternative ways to get their message across with some truly amazing examples. With this in mind we are excited to introduce the Immersive category this year at Kinsale.

This category encompasses a broad range of fields including VR, AR and emerging technologies as well as creative and experiential installations.


We are looking for examples of projects where creatives have transformed a space with visuals and interactions, taken people on a virtual journey or immersed them in an experience utilizing all their senses. This category is about effective, appropriate use of technology where necessary to answer a creative problem and transform peoples perception of the space they are in.


Photo real VR won’t necessarily win over a lower quality conceptual piece. The jury is made up of a range of disciplines looking at the design, technological approach, creative thinking and ultimate effectiveness of entries. 


Noel Drew 

I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this year’s new immersive category, I think it’s the perfect time for the Sharks to launch a category like this. Emerging technologies have brought a whole new dimension to storytelling and opened up a wealth of creative opportunities.


The broad spectrum of work this category covers, from experiential installations to mobile AR, means I’m really looking forward to seeing some interesting and innovative work. I’m most looking forward to seeing those projects that make you go ‘I wish I worked on that!’.