The digital category includes all digital apps, digital ads, banners,games, mobile, wearables and websites.

We understand for some it might seem a bit odd saying the word 'digital' these days.


A bit like still saying 'colour television' - why spell it out right?


Well the reason we do, is because we've found out over the years that often when we don't, we often end up


 on the phone listening to people telling us "well you should have explained that more specifically on your website."


So here's the thing - take a look at the specific categories and if you have great DIGITAL (we're not scared of the word) work,


enter it and let our judges, your peers and world know all about it.




Wayne Deakin - ECD | HUGE, London

A stunning fishing village on the very edge of the wild Atlantic. Where if you jump off - the next stop is America. That’s a place built on fearlessness, dreams and big dollop of fantastic madness.


The location describes exactly what I am looking for in the digital work. Work that blends old and new. A celebration of the very best of storytelling and beautiful craft with new world vision and unchartered ambitions. I am excited to be involved in a new chapter as it pivots and rewards the new forces of creativity.