Radio recognises great advertising in the form of audio based content.

Simply put, memorable, award-winning "that's brilliant!" radio commercials always means great writing, often by a writer working alone rather than in a team.


It also means creative thinking combined with the right voices,

the right sound, use of FX, music, producer and production.

To achieve great radio might be the most difficult of any of the creative disciplines because any images conveyed must be created using words and sound.

It’s not easy. Which is why the feeling when you DO crack it and you KNOW

you've come up with something special, is very hard to beat.

If you've produced radio this year that you think should be heard by the the best in the business, you know what to do.


Conor Kennedy - ECD | Javelin

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the passing of Conor Kennedy who was a partner and ECD of Javelin Advertising in Dublin. Conor was a great champion of the craft and creativity in the business of advertising. We were delighted when Conor accepted our invitation to Chair the Shark Awards Radio Jury this year in Kinsale. Sadly however he was not destined to share with us his colourful and informed deliberations together with his wit and intelligent conversation. Following a short illness Conor left this world but left great memories to those who knew him. We extend our sincere condolences to Conor’s family, colleagues and friends.

Let’s keep an eye on the night sky in Kinsale and should we see a shooting star........


Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.



"The wonderful thing about good radio is that you never know what you're looking for. An unexpected turn of phrase, a convention turned on its head, an inspired use of sound effects, an intonation, words used beautifully; but you know in a nanosecond that you're listening to one of the good ones.


Sadly, this is because so much radio is dross, further burdened by mandatory gibberish like such and such an entity being regulated by the central bank of Lichtenstein, for instance, for conduct of business. Or something. Then there are the poor toiling scribes laboring with terms and conditions apply, for indeed they do. There have been attempts at jokes, at Elvis, and more, but someone had a good day once. It was for car insurance, with a freebie of roadside assistance, and some poor soul was stranded on the outer reaches of the M50, becoming increasingly freaked out as they became convinced that the locals were coming for them, and then came the moment of genius as the narrator opined 'I'd say it was the terms and conditions that got him in the end.'. You don't hear it coming, but when it does it rips right through."


- Conor Kennedy