19th September

This year we are placing a major emphasis on design and have a dedicated day to celebrate excellence in Design. Our programme on Thursday 19th September at the Actons Hotel will be devoted to talks by key designers, showing winning entries and rewarding attending winners.

We are honoured that Creative Director Ben Casey has agreed to chair the Design Jury and help us to develop this incredibly important part of the Kinsale Sharks.



Ben Casey, CD & Co-Founder | The Chase, London.


If I hadn’t been invited to chair the design jury I would most certainly be going to Kinsale Sharks as a delegate. I love it. It’s such a great creative adventure in a most unlikely yet brilliant setting, you just can’t help but be inspired.

As for the judging itself. Although our world seems to be changing at a rate of knots I will be looking for what I have always looked for when judging competitions. Great ideas enhanced by an exceptionally high level of craft skills. As simple and difficult as that.



'Design Only Day' Delegate available - €100 +vat