Entries to this category are recognised for the audio based content inclusive of but not limited to Music composition & Sound design.

Had Elmer Bernstein been heavily influenced by Cockney pub songs

and decided The Hokey Cokey was the right piece of music to accompany

The Magnificent Seven, the film would now be considered a joke.

But (fortunately) he didn't, instead he composed a piece of music that was genius. Music that said 'thrills, drama, action, heroes, the west'

A soundtrack that drove the film and enhanced every frame.

Now of course, re sound and music, not everyone can be Elmer Bernstein.

But our judges will only be awarding Sharks to those who try.


Becca Gatrell, Director | Wow & Flutter Music, London.

I am really excited to be part of and inspired by the incredible creative community and minds that make Kinsale such a special event. 


I will be particularly keen to hear those music and sounds that elicit an unexpectedly strong emotional response. Originality in how to achieve this is key of course, but capturing that gut reaction is what really counts for me, however you do it.