Difficult to know exactly where to start but we’ll give it a go and hope we get close to making some sort of sense.


Ok so by now you’ll be aware of the existence of Coronavirus or Covid 19 (or as it’s referred to in Dublin, ‘corona-bleedin-virus').


And unless you’ve been living in a cave (which right now wouldn’t be a bad idea) you’ll be aware that making plans at the moment for anything further away than lunch, is, to say the least, tricky.


Wimbledon has been cancelled, Cannes, the British open and this year’s Premier League season could end in the middle of next year’s Premier League season.


So a week ago it seemed to us that joining the cancellers (?) would probably be the obvious move (we could relax and start thinking about next year).


But then something unexpected happened.


In the space of a week, we got a few enquiries about this year’s festival.


“Is Kinsale still happening?”


It’s definitely possible but right now, hard to say.


“When is it?”


30th Sept to the 3rd of Oct.


“Can you book now?” can register your interest.


“What does that mean?”


It means let us know your name and email and you’ll go on a list. Then if the festival DOES go ahead, you’ll be in with a chance of a hotel room.


Then one caller said something that made us think we won’t cancel until we ABSOLUTELY have to.


Someone (in London) said “When this is all over we’ll need Kinsale.”


It was the word 'need'.


And without being too sloppy, that was enough for us to decide we want to do…something.


Specifically what?


Well right now for obvious reasons that’s impossible to say (and if we’re still being to told to self-isolate, of course we will).


But if we’re allowed out, one way or another, we intend to go for it.


When we know more, you’ll know more.


Stay fit, well and healthy and God willing, we’ll all make it to the Spaniards in September and to Brighton next March.


The Sharks

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