Putting ideas onto film and making those ideas memorable

takes a LOT more than just a good director and/or a decent script. 

Every stage needs to be complemented by great craft in order

to move a piece of film to greatness.

The art of cinematography, editorial, production design and overall

direction are the core skills which can elevate moving image to a level of brilliance that, if done right, people will remember for decades.

Craft is something the Sharks take VERY seriously and

rewarding those who turn the good into the great is something

we're intent on spotlighting and rewarding.









Vicki Maguire - CCO | Grey, London

Let's get this straight. I fucking love this industry. I bloody love my job. I don't believe that advertising has lost its way, or our output isn’t as good as it used to be. far from it... I'm laughing with Droga.. I'm jealous of the KFC, Viva the Vulva is groundbreaking... and Apple.. we'll who'd have thought.... That's why I'm on the craft jury.. for me craft isn't a way of " doing" it's a way of thinking.

The best way to breath life into an idea. That's what I'm looking for.