James Rose

Film Editor at Cut+Run, London

Film Craft

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James Rose is naturally left handed but was taught to favour his right hand at school.  As a child he felt he was never able to express himself clearly in speech or written word, so he shorthanded anything he needed to articulate.  As a youngster he loved watching telly upside down on the sofa but doesn’t do it as often now though.

When he finally got in front of an Avid he made the decision to become an editor and use his left hand.  He’s determined like that. 

Through editing James found a language he could use to tell stories and express himself.  He loves editing and he loves it alot. 

He loves telling a story, moving viewers eyes and attention and knowing his cuts are working on multiple levels when viewed.

James is known for cutting some of the biggest and best-known music videos for artists like U2, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon and Dua Lipa. His promo for the latter’s “New Rules” won him a Gold award at 2017’s Kinsale Sharks. More recently, he’s edited a series of films with director Anton Corbijn for U2’s “The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour” and cut the celebrated “Spring Collection 2018” spot for H&M, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Winona Ryder.

With a great visual eye, he creates compact and beautiful narratives with music and pictures.  He is continually sought out to cut commercials and enjoys partnering with fresh or emerging talent.

He has worked on clients ranging from Adidas to Christian Dior to Samsung and everything in-between and has a host of awards to his name.