Lorraine Goeghegan

Founder & exec Producer at Hinterland in Dublin

Best 'New' Shortlist Committee


Lorraine’s career as a TV Producer began at some of London’s well-known creative agencies: Bates, St Lukes and BBH, then became Head of TV at MCBD where she produced the award-winning Hovis 'Go on Lad’.  

She returned home to Ireland in September 2012 and moved Production Company side as an Executive Producer with Piranha Bar Dublin.

In 2015, Hinterland Films was born, making TV commercials for both Irish and UK agencies as well as servicing commercials in Ireland for foreign production companies.

She’s a keen marathon runner – well maybe keen is not the correct word but she’s happy to have a go and managed to develope a fear of zombies after a stint working the happy hardcore tent at a dance festival.