Matt Lever

Deputy ECD - VCCP London



As you can tell from Matt's photo, male modelling's loss was advertising creativity's gain

He's currently Deputy ECD at VCCP London.

Before that he was at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

And before that, some other advertising agencies.

He's won awards at all the usual awards places.

Lucky him!

Also, a funny thing happened to him at work the other day.

One of the creatives suggested the whole VCCP creative dept go on an agency-funded jolly to the Kinsale Sharks.

He secretly thought that would be a great idea, but laughed it off as a non-starter because that kind of stuff doesn't really happen any more, does it?

Now he's been invited to Kinsale as a judge.



With the rise of the advertising machines and the sinister overlords who peddle the merits of an algorithm focussed (dystopian) future for our industry, there’s never been a more important time for valuing good old human creativity. The Kinsale Sharks do just that. I’m excited to be a part of it…