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Music Video VFX/Post House
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Vaughan Arnell


Our new venue for Music Video & Short Film Awards in 2021 (covid permitting). This new event will be held in the spring annually.



Music Video Edit House
of the Year


We are now closed for entries. Judging Jan 29. Winners to be announced in Brighton....


Running a creative awards and festival (well just awards this year, see worldwide pandemic thingy) there are certain things that we absolutely MUST get right. Get these things wrong and we simply wouldn't last (nb: we're in our 58th year). Maybe the most important thing is getting the right judges. Judges that entrants can look at and think "yeah, I'm happy they have the right stuff to judge my work". We won't wax lyrical here about the quality of the judges/juries we've managed to put together this year, their bios will tell you all you need to know. But we would like you to keep in mind how flexible they've been in the present, very tricky Covid climate that has been (week-to week sometimes) changing how we can and will be carrying out the judging. This year we needed to find brilliant creative minds who can also roll with the punches. Creativity with calm. We believe this is what our judges have given us and we're very grateful. 


What is it about a Music Video?

A Word from our Jury President, Vaughan Arnell

I love music videos and I am so proud to be part of such a creative industry. They have been my life and undying passion. From the early years working with Dead Or Alive (You Spin Me Round) and more recently with the likes of Sam Smith and Normani, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some great artists.  Robbie Williams and I have been making videos together for the last 25 years and they have been some of the best experiences of my career. Thanks Rob.

Music videos have been around longer than most people think. Artists were making films to individual songs since the late 1930’s but it was the introduction of MTV that created the real explosion of the music video as we know it today. I was a runner around the same time as MTV hit our screens. It was like watching tv from another planet and I loved it.

My parents couldn’t afford cable tv and the only place I could view those mini epics was in a pub called The Nelly Dean in Dean Street Soho.

 The VHS quality MTV shows were projected through a smoke-filled room onto a grey, out of focus screen. I would watch the same loop night after night researching all the crew members of my fav videos. My dream was to be part of that new movement and one day direct my own music videos.


A lot has changed since those days, the one thing that has never changed is the constant stream of ground-breaking creativity. Music videos have influenced every level of our culture, from feature films to commercials. The explosive visual genre has stamped its mark on every corner of our life.


Music videos should be treasured. Each one has become a mini time capsule capturing the music, fashion and social history of a certain moment in time. Almost month by month they have been recording and collating our culture in every small detail. We can see how people dressed, where they lived, how they moved, the politics, the passions, the phones, the sneakers!!


The list is endless. A perfect timeline of our social history.


That’s enough of the past. What about now and the future? There are so many exciting directors from across the globe creating the most beautiful visuals. Diverse storytellers who want to make their mark. This diversity should be championed and supported every step of the way. From cast, to crew, a collaboration of different minds is how we make great work.


Music videos have become an all inspiring art form that never fails to excite me. Let’s celebrate these works of genius. Let’s celebrate all the great talent, the long shoot days, the sleepless nights, the arguments, the tears and the absolute joy of making a music video. There are so many people behind any one video. Teams who work through the night, all with that one goal of creating something different and fresh. They are the game changers. A labour of love that we love to do.



  • Best Music Video
  • Best Music Video for low budget <€10k
  • Best Animation
  • Best Artiste Performance
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Colour Grading
  • Best Direction
  • Best Editing
  • Best New Director
  • Best Post Production/SFX
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Writing/Idea/Concept
  • The MV must have been “completed” and “aired" no earlier than 1st May 2019.

  • Closing dates for entry is 8 January 2021
  • Films previously entered at a Shark Awards Festival are not eligible even if it was in a different category than the one that is now being considered.

  • The jury reserves the right not to make any award in any category if the creative standard has not been met.

  • The Shortlist (Finalists) will be published on our website 1st March 2021. The winners will be announced at our new MV Brighton UK festival in the Spring 2021 (date to be confirmed due to COVID restrictions).

  • Best in Category may be awarded to more than one winner. There are no Bronze or Silver awards, we go from Finalist to Winner, with the successful entrant receiving a coveted Black Shark.

  • Irish companies/individuals may enter work into both Ireland and International categories. These are two separate competitions. As a national show, work entered into Ireland categories will compete with other Irish entries only. Work entered by Irish companies/individuals into the International categories will be judged against International work

  • The decisions made by the jury are their personal subjective opinions and for reasons of confidentiality we do not provide further comment on individual entries.

  • You grant us permission, if requested, to use a still image (of your choice) for publicity purposes on our website and social media pages.

  • Irish Entries should be directed by an Irish Passport holder and produced in Ireland by an Irish production company, and for 2020 entered by an Ireland Registered company.

  • MV Production Company of the Year (selected from all categories), MV Edit House of the Year (selected from the editing category only) & MV VFX/Post House of The Year (selected from VFX, grading & animation categories) are calculated on a points system and includes shortlisted work. A minimum of 2 winners for different music videos is required. Shortlist 1 point,  Best in Category 3 points, Grand Prix 5 points.
 Points are awarded to entrant company only.
  • Best MV for Low Budget may also be entered into Best MV category (two different entries). 

  • Grand Prix is selected from the Best MV category only.

  • New Music Video Director - the work submitted must have been completed no earlier than 1 Jan 2018 - the Director may not have directed any other work before this date, otherwise he/she cannot be considered as 'New'.
  • Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances, and may be subject to a deduction for our expenses.

Entry Fee €75 + vat

per entry