Headline Speaker for 2017 - Antonio Fernandez

"What does love look like in a gang?"

How does someone become leader of America's largest Latin Street gang (The Latin Kings), then get sentenced to 15 years for conspiring to sell narcotics, then turn their life around completely and motivate 7000 gang members into a powerful creative force in the community?

Antonio Fernandez, aka King Tone, is the former leader of The Latin Kings, the largest Hispanic street gang in the U.S with 7,000 members in NY and 50,000 across the world.

Antonio was the catalyst in transforming The Latin Kings from an organised crime syndicate into a political movement, fighting for social justice on behalf of suppressed Latin American communities.

He is an expert in leadership, hustle, management, and activism and he uses his life story as both a cautionary tale and a message about self-transformation and now advises business leaders all around the world.  GROW UP GROW OUT, Antonio‚Äôs own organisation, helps young people, including prison inmates, to find new paths toward social and personal growth and permanent change.