Music Video Jury for 2017 Announced

Attracting Top Music Industry Talent - Sony, Prettybird, OB Management and Atlantic Records on Music Video Jury Duty

We’re attracting the music industry's top talents here at Kinsale.  This year’s jury is a real star-studded line-up covering a wide range disciplines from Production company Head and Exec Producer, to Director's Rep and Music Video commissioners from LA and London. 

Exec Producer and founder of Prettybird Juliette Larthe, Otis Bell of OB Management, Shadeh Smith director of Video Production at Atlantic Records and Mike O'Keefe VP of Creative at Sony Music will all be judging the entries.

Now in it's 3rd Kinsale year, the music video awards have slotted seamlessly into the festival schedule, and is helmed as one of the most popular aspects of the festival.  Essentially, it's a great way for those involved in the craft of making music videos to create exposure and awareness of their talent.  Many of our supporters and entrants already work across the world of commercials, branded content and short films, so the festival's embrace of music video is a welcome inclusion, especially as these different art forms often overlap and intertwine. 

Awards include Best Music Video, Best Music Video Director, Best Idea/Concept/Writing for a MV, Best Cinematography in a MV, Best Editing in a MV, Best Colour Grading in a MV, Best Use of FX/Animation in a MV, Best MV for a low budget (under €10k)

Entries cost just $50 per category

Entry Deadline is 1st September - please note this will not be extended

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