Whats new in 2018

Basically there’ll be a new shape to the festival. We’ve taken as much feedback as we could get and designed things around that feedback.

We’re hoping to create and produce a festival that will embrace all attendees. There's more networking and social opportunities and less formality - which everyone loves, especially us!

Specifically, here's whats what, (check out the full schedule for further details).

There are changes to schedule, talks in the morning, social events in the afternoon and evenings.

The cost of the Festival passes are more competitive, including concessions for Students, Freelance, Groups and APA/CPI members

The traditional awards dinner is no longer - we're still celebrating the winners and work, but in a much more informal way!

The BEST NEW category which aims to identify and reward the best emerging new talent, has been expanded. 

In addition to Best New Director, Best New Editor and Best New DoP, we’ve added Best New Designer, Best New Colourist, Best New Composer, and Best New Sound Designer.

The Great White Shark...

Created to honour the best networks, creative agencies, production, music, post production and design companies.


.....of the year awards.

Ad Agency
Agency Network
Design Agency
Film Production Company

Post Production/VFX House
Music Company
Edit House
Sound Design Company


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