Grand Prix


Naturale Market


Congratulations to BBDO Guerrero in the Phillippines for this incredible idea and Design 'The Dissolving Bottle'. This is the first time an entry for Packaging has won Grand Prix. 

The dissolving bottle is an open-source re-design of traditional shampoo packaging. It's zero plastic and 100% Filipino.

Design Jury Presidents - Simon Elliott & Garry Blackburn

Creative Director/Partners Rose Design

"The Shark Awards have been globally renowned within Advertising for years, so when they opened their doors to Design last year, it was a huge honour for us to land a great white shark and be announced as The Shark Awards first International Design Agency of the Year. We have always been obsessed with the quality of an idea and the detail of the execution, so this year more than ever, as we begin to emerge, and with such an excellent jury, we can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to."

Jury 2021

The Sharks Get Fresh with Design


The Shark Awards today announce that the Fresh Design Awards will be incorporated into The Shark Design Awards.


The move builds on an already established relationship with Fresh Awards and is part of the Shark’s desire to grow the category and promote and reward design that truly innovates and delivers creativity and excellence in all aspects.


Peter Brady, Chairman of The Shark Awards commented: “There is no doubt that design, apart from being an obvious category for delivering on creativity and craft, is also the glue that keeps so many other categories together. That might seem like an overclaim, but we've come to believe that a lot of creative endeavours quickly come apart if you remove good design. So, The Shark Design Awards will continue to reward the creative design community and that will involve juries of respected international experts.”

2020 Grand Prix - Sculpt Rebrand

Entered into the Brand Identity category, the Great White Shark was won by Design Agency Common Curiosity.