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How do you get to be a Sharks Judge?

Well some of you might remember this old joke.. A posh lady in NY asks a construction worker “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” He replies “Lady, you gotta practice, practice, practice.” (we’re not explaining it). The reason this gag occurred is because our answer is kind of the same. We’re always looking for judges who got to Carnegie Hall, or rather the advertising, design, short film or music video equivalent.  In other words, the proven, the experts, the respected, the leaders. Those who’re looked up to, followed and admired. Those who influence the creativity. We’ll always be looking for those who can say - “I’m qualified to be a judge because I’ve proved I can do it. I practiced, practiced, practiced and I got to the top.” So if you think this sounds like you, or you think it sounds like someone you know, we’re always interested and we’ll always listen to suggestions. ​ Email the Shark Judges Committee

When is Kinsale?

The 2024 dates: 25 - 28 September. Kinsale is where the Advertising, Digital & Design categories are judged, and where the Best New Talent Awards presentations are held. The shortlists will be announced online during Kinsale week as the results are reached by the various juries. The winners are announced on 14th October 2024.

What happens in Brighton?

Short Film & Branded Content judging in February, and Music Video judging in May.

How do I order a duplicate trophy?

Duplicates cost £310 + delivery. (add 20% VAT for UK orders) They are made in batches 3 times a year, so may take a while to produce, depending on your order date. ​ Please send an email with details of the winning entry along with any change in credits for the badge. Remember to include the invoice address and delivery address if different. Email the Sharks Duplicates Team

How do I get a hotel room in Kinsale?

Kinsale has a limited number of guest rooms, and you may find it hard to find a vacancy, especially if you have left it late to book. However, we do hold some rooms for partners and sponsors who are yet to come on board. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to unlock some rooms through partnership opportunities.

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