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Not easy trying to organise a trip to the Supermarket during a pandemic, let alone a creative festival. 

For a few months we've had to bide our time and wait to see what these strange and unique circumstances would (or wouldn't) allow us to deliver. So here it is, as simply as we can tell you - what WILL be happening and what WON'T.

What we can promise

That the best work in the world will be judged by a line- up of some of the world’s top creative people.  
The mainstay of our festival each year is the awarding of shark awards for great work and this WON’T change. That (pandemic permitting) the judging of advertising, digital and design will take place in Kinsale between 30 Sept and 2nd Oct with the winners announced on Sat 3rd Oct. 
And (because they've grown so big so fast) short films and music video will have their own dedicated awards in Brighton next March (2021). More to follow on that soon.


What we can’t deliver

It’s possible (though highly unlikely) that in the next few months, in a lab somewhere, a scientist will shout ‘EUREKA!’ and come up with a virus antidote. 
But even if that happened, we wouldn’t, at such short notice, be able to organise an event with speakers, workshops, big awards bash etc. 
Therefore, we won’t be holding talks/events as we normally would (consequently, no delegates..obvs). And that’s about it really. To be perfectly honest, earlier in the year we considered simply cancelling until next year, but then we had so many people asking about entry dates we thought "pandemic me arse, we're not going to give in, let’s do it!"  

The jury and Sharks will be in the town of Kinsale for (socially distanced) pints, hope to see you there. 
Keep the faith! 

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