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The Shark Best New Talent Awards is an annual event that recognises the outstanding work of young, up-and-coming film industry professionals who specialise in advertising. Our mission is to find and promote the best new talent (age under 30) in the following categories: Director, Producer, DOP, Editor, Colourist, Sound Designer, Music Composer. 


The work is carefully judged by a panel of seasoned industry professionals, and our mission is to provide a platform for young and emerging talent to gain recognition and exposure for their work. We hope our awards will inspire and ignite the imaginations of creative storytellers everywhere.

The official shortlists will be published on 15th September.
The winners will be presented at Kinsale on Sat 30th September.

With the exception of Best New Director, who will be chosen by the Kinsale Delegates, and
revealed at our advertising/design winners party in October (look out for details).

2023 Jury Chair - Melody Sylvester

Chief Production Officer at TBWA London

"We must always endeavour to include fresh perspectives and innovative ideas in the advertising industry and the ‘new talent’ categories in the awards circuit continues to deliver on this. It’s a huge privilege to be asked to Chair the New Talent categories for Kinsale Sharks 2023. The Shark’s team and I are passionate about this and together we have assembled a  jury of committed and caring specialists to celebrate the work. Please get submitting and see you in September!"

2023 Panel of Judges

Melody will be joined by....


  • New Director - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023

  • New Music Composer - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023

  • New DOP - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023

  • New Editor - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023.

  • New Colourist - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023.

  • New Sound Designer - must be under the age of 30 as at 1st Sept 2023.

  • New Producer is open to both agencies and production companies. The nominee must be proposed by Head of TV, ECD Company MD or equivalent. The submission must include a reel (can be 1 ad), a bio and a written proposition on the merits of the nominee. For the avoidance of doubt, work that was overseen by an Executive Producer can not be considered. 

  • Work submitted for consideration must not be part of a collaboration with other individuals.

  • You may enter more than 1 piece of work, but must be submitted as part of the same video file.

  • Work can include; test or spec spots, TV or web commercials, music videos, and any web content. Reel must be under 7 mins long.
    Please keep your entry as short and succinct as possible, the jury are not impressed by volumes of work. Please enter your best work only.

  • Closing date for entry is 1st Sept 2023.

  • Best New Director is a Delegate Award, chosen by the audience at Kinsale. The overall entries will be pre-judged by our Best New judges to create a 'Shortlist' for our Delegates to judge in Kinsale. The winner will be announced by 16 October.

  • Irish companies/individuals may enter work into both Ireland and International categories. These are two separate competitions.

  • We do not operate 'Best In Show' practice. If the creative standard has not been met then an award may not be given.

  • The decisions made by the jury are their personal subjective opinions and for reasons of confidentiality we do not provide further comment on individual entries.

  • The Shortlists will be published on our website by 15th September.

  • The winners of Best New: DOP, Editor, Colourist, Sound Designer & Music Composer will be revealed on Saturday 30th September in Kinsale.

  • You grant us permission, if requested, to use a still image (of your choice) for publicity purposes on our website and social media pages

  • 'All best new entrants must be under the age of 30 as of the 1st Sept 2023, but The Sharks reserve the right to show fexibility if an entrant is a few minutes/hours/days past our deadline.'

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