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Why Kinsale?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Well if you haven’t already been to The Shark Awards in Kinsale then this is what you have been missing.

A unique event where like-minded creative people gather together in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere in the picturesque town of Kinsale on the south coast of Ireland.

Unlike other award festivals this one confines itself to focussing on creativity and craft. Because of its status as a small boutique event there is no room for AI scaremongering or data trawling companies, we keep it relaxed and leave that to other more convoluted events. Instead at the Sharks you simply get to meet, eat, drink, be entertained and have fun while in Kinsale, all thanks to our generous sponsors.

The Shark Awards have created and built a community that gathers over 3 days and nights to network, make new contacts, new friends and often engage in exploring new ideas. It is more than likely you will get to meet the entire jury panel over a coffee or a tea - ok over a pint or two and maybe gather a nugget or two of useful information. And the cost to attend? An embarrassing £25

Did you hear about the two blokes from Belgium who met at our festival in Kinsale and went on to create an international award winning ad agency? You didn’t? Well now you know.

text unapologetically borrowed from the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism & Business website

When people ask why the Shark Awards are held in Kinsale, on the edge of Europe, overlooking the wild Atlantic coastline, next stop America, here's the short answer:

Originally a medieval fishing port, historic Kinsale is one of the most picturesque, popular and historic towns on the south west coast of Ireland.

Kinsale is in County Cork in the province of Munster and just 25km from Cork City and Cork International Airport, and is the gateway to scenic ‘West Cork’ and the start/finish point of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way,’ the 2,500km coastal journey from Kinsale, Co Cork to Inishowen, Co Donegal.

Visitors to Kinsale are captivated by its beautiful setting; its long waterfront, yacht-filled harbour, narrow winding streets and brightly painted galleries, shops and houses. The impressive fortifications of Charles Fort and James Fort guard the narrow entrance from the sea – giving clues to its rich history. There are a number of guided walking tours (including an evening Ghost Tour!) available and plenty of information at the Kinsale Tourist Office in the centre of the town.

Twinned with Antibes, South of France, Mumbles, Wales and Newport, Rhode Island, it is in good company and well placed to be referred to as ‘Ireland’s Riveria’!

The Old Head of Kinsale Golf Links has become a world class golf destination, Kinsale Yacht Club hosts many international sailing events and the accessibility to the water ensures Kinsale is a popular marine activities hub with deep sea angling, scuba diving, boat hire, fishing, kayaking, climbing and abseiling – appealing to adventure travellers of all ages.

Not only does Kinsale claim to be one of the most picturesque and oldest towns in Ireland, it is also internationally renowned for the number and quality of its restaurants. It has been hailed as ‘The Gourmet Capital of Ireland’, with no shortage of cafés, pubs and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Kinsale has been a centre of population, trade and fishing for centuries. The combined attractions of a sheltered harbour, fertile land and abundant fisheries were not lost on the invading Anglo-Normans who, in the 13th Century, displaced the local Irish to establish control and create a medieval walled town on the shoreline. They forged trade links with England and Europe and became prominent in the wine trade. By the time Kinsale was granted its royal charter in 1333, it was already a thriving town and port.

The famous ‘Battle of Kinsale’ in 1601 saw the area become the cockpit of Europe with the armies of England, Spain and the Northern Irish Chieftains in contention. It was a turning point in Irish history as the Irish forces and their Spanish allies were defeated and the result, effectively, was the decline of the old Gaelic way of life in Ireland with the breakdown of the power of the Chieftans and Clans.

Though victorious, England was alarmed by the successful landing of the Spanish on their western flank and this led to the building of James Fort and later Charles Fort at the mouth of the harbour. Following the establishment of the Forts, Kinsale remained a garrison town and port of consequence for over 300 years, leaving a legacy of Georgian and Victorian architecture. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Kinsale was also an important naval base and ships were built here using timbers from the surrounding oak forests.

On May 7th 1915 RMS Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of Kinsale causing the deaths of 1,198 passengers off the coast of Kinsale. The official inquest was held in the Kinsale Courthouse / Town Hall which is now a Museum.

From the beginning of the 20th century, Kinsale’s economy declined and many of the its fine houses and buildings became derelict. However all was not lost – the story of the transformation of Kinsale from a rundown and jaded town, into a charming and prosperous one is a story of foresight, co-operation, but above all civic determination that began in the 1960’s and continues today. The establishment of the ‘Good Food Circle’ – a co-operation started between just two restaurants that grew to include a number of quality eateries – put Kinsale on the map. Kinsale’s Good Food Circle annual Gourmet Festival in October is a must for food lovers.

Following the success of the restaurants, came the revival of Kinsale’s history in the arts and crafts guilds. Pottery, silver, gold and glassware are all manufactured in the town, while the other artistic fields of sculpture, painting in all media, ceramics, wood turning and photography are well represented by inspired local artists. The annual Kinsale Arts Festival has grown from strength to strength in the past decade, attracting a number of international and national visitors to enjoy the exciting programme that has huge local support as well.

Quality accommodation, top class restaurants, exciting and delightful shops, cafes and pubs, together with the growing choice of leisure activities add to the attractions of Kinsale, a town that has cemented its place as a primary tourist destination and a sought-after place in which to work and live.

Now in it's 62nd year The Shark Awards have been held here since 1962.

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