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Young Shark Winner 2019


"Winning a trip to the Kinsale Shark Awards is a huge feather in the cap. It’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with the best creatives in the biz, gain valuable career experience and drink pints of Guinness along the way. I feel very lucky to have won the opportunity…must be the luck of the Irish!"

The 2019 Brief

Create a clever social media based piece, to promote the Shark Awards Festival.

It could be a smart hack of an existing social platform or a bespoke piece that would work in a non-traditional online media format. (What we don’t want is a print ad design simply placed online ... or a tv script placed on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube or whatever).

Deliverables: A pdf (no more than 5 pages) with a written description of the conceptual idea. The winning idea does not have to be restricted by budget or production considerations. In other words, the best idea wins (even if it never gets made).

The Audience: People, around the world, who work in the advertising industry, who might be interested in entering/attending the festival.

Desired response: We want this audience to perceive the Shark Awards Festival as a contemporary, fun International advertising festival worth being a part of.

Tone: Smart. Innovative. Fun.

Lewis's winning entry


Judge Shay Madden, Art Director | Rotcho, Dublin.

"Well that was fun. I think I’ve now seen every shark-related pun there is. A big thank you to everyone who entered. Given that ‘The Sharks’ is an International Festival it was great to see so many entries come in from around the world. Indeed the winning idea comes all the way from Sydney, Australia. My winner is Lewis Aramayo. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest … and Lewis’ one is a brilliant example (and one that the festival could activate at little cost). It really smartly targets creatives all around the world … and peaks their curiosity with the message ‘A shark started following you’… while also leveraging the perfect social platform for the festival to open up further direct communication.

Congratulations Lewis. I hope you enjoy Kinsale. Ps. Special mention must go to Mihir Padia and Maryann Rodrigues, a team from Mumbai, India for their ‘Play with Sharks’ idea. You may (or may not) want to know you were a very close second." -

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