Young Shark Award

The Shark Awards 2020 are happening and one of the highlights of this event is The Young Shark Award. This category is free to enter and is open to new and emerging talent in the creative industry,


Product: The Shark Awards.

  • Background
    The world is in the grip of a pandemic - Covid 19. Danger is everywhere. Masked people wander the streets in a daze (nb: two meters apart). But now, slowly, they’re beginning to emerge from their homes after months of confinement. They’re cautious and understandably so, but they want to get back to ‘normal’. They want to get back to doing the things they used to do.
  • Target market 
    Creative people (writers, art directors, photographers, animators, composers, editors, designers etc etc)  around the world who (still) need to be told “that piece of creative work you produced is wonderful”. We’re talking about the brave and the bold, those who refuse to be dictated to by a potentially deadly virus. We want to appeal to creative people who refuse to crawl into a hole and vanish.
  • Proposition
    Spit in the face of Covid19 - if you have great work to show the world, then SHOW the world. Many award shows have cancelled this year but not The Sharks. The message should be ‘don’t let the virus win, show us what you’ve got.’
  • Miscellaneous
    We’re looking for a reason. A logic - something to convince creative people to keep creativity alive in the most difficult circumstances (probably the most difficult since 1939 - 1945).
  • Media
    Anything you like, print ad, poster, digital, it's a brilliant idea we're looking for and the idea judged the most memorable/engaging/creative by our judge will win. You can send us a (short hopefully) description of your concept or a clip or a mock-up. Just keep in mind, it's the idea we're after.

Mandatory inclusions


Entrants must be under age of 26

  • You can be employed, un-employed or studying.​
  • By entering your work you grant us permission to use your entry for publicity purposes, regardless of whether the entry wins.
  • The entries will be judged by a senior Creative Director from a major Network advertising agency.
  • We reserve the right not to make any award if the creative standard has not been met.
  • The decision made by the Creative Director is his/her personal subjective opinion and for reasons of confidentiality we do not provide further comment on individual entries.
  • By entering your work, you grant us permission, free of charge, to execute the winning idea into a finished piece of work that may be used to promote The Kinsale Shark Awards in any media
  • You can specify the media that best suits your submission.
  • Closing date for entries is Friday 31st July 2020
  •  A selection of entries will be published on The Shark Awards website and the winning entry will be announced 22nd August 2020
  • The winner will receive the coveted Young Shark Award trophy which will be sent via courier to the recipient and the winning piece will be promoted on Social Media and in a global newsletter


Vishal Dheiman 

Vishal Dheiman is VP, Head of Innovation at BBDO NY. A position that entails understanding the cross section of tech, strategy, creative and production. A skillset developed from 14 years of experience across multiple companies and 2 continents. 

He’s worked across all categories and mediums, including award-winning work for companies such as Shell, HSBC, J&J, Diageo, Facebook, Google and many more.


Vishal like to maintain high standards and always pushes the boundaries of platforms, media and partners to squeeze the most out of an idea, which is why his work has been recognized at the highest levels by Cannes, the One Show, D&AD, Webbys, Clios, ADC, AICP, and the Effies.