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Concord is the independent, worldwide leader in the development, management and acquisition of sound recordings, music publishing and theatrical performance rights and narrative content, representing more than 1 million songs, composed works, plays, musicals and active recordings.

Headquartered in Nashville with additional offices in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami and New York and staff in Auckland, Sydney, Toronto and Tokyo, Concord’s repertoire is licensed in virtually every country and territory worldwide.


At Peach, our mission is to make it easier for advertisers, publishers and broadcasters to get their content where it counts. We use the latest technologies to automate and optimize ad delivery 24/7, ensuring that the right ad gets to the right screen. Our platform also offers an Instant Quality Check 24/7 to make sure your creative and production don’t fall at the final hurdle. With Peach, advertisers have one platform to deliver content, and publishers and broadcasters have the best way to receive and manage video campaigns.


Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) is a leading global music publisher with 48 offices in 40 countries. Headquartered in Los Angeles, UMPG represents music across every genre from some of the world’s most important songwriters and catalogs.


UMPG is also a global leader in Classical & Screen, Christian/Gospel and Production Music. The company is the publisher of choices for film and TV studios, providing creative, sync licensing and administration services for companies including Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Disney Europe (and other territories), Viacom, Amazon, HBO, DreamWorks, DreamWorks Animation, Legendary Pictures, Mar Vista Entertainment, NBC and Sesame Workshop, among many others.

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