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Short Film Scriptwriting Award 2021

Updated: Mar 14


The Shark Awards inaugural short film script writing competition attracted hundreds of entries from 32 countries around the world. The script submissions covered a wide range of entrants from first time writers to seasoned professionals. Each entry was assessed against the simple criteria set out in the invitation to enter, resulting in 37 entries going forward to reach the coveted shortlist. Following further consideration, six scripts made it to finalist stage and one winner was chosen by acclaimed features director Paddy Breathnach.

Each entrant was required to submit a 500 word synopsis to win a coveted Shark trophy and €1000 in prize money.


The Brief

Lockdown generally isn't much fun, but there are occasional opportunities that arise and we're absolutely sure of this as we're providing one of them. To cut to the chase, now (while you have a bit of spare time) might be a good time to consider the Sharks' short-film script competition. 

"The Sharks short film script competition you say?"

Yes, which couldn't be simpler - we're looking for short film scripts, specifically no longer than five mins (you might get away with ideas timed at 5 mins 11 secs-ish but any longer and we'll definitely know you're taking the..).

You'll need just three things; 1) a terrific idea 2) a 500 word synopsis of your terrific idea and 3) a script to show how it will be shot.'s basically it. There's a cash prize of €1000 for the script judged (by a top director) to be the best.

So, if you're fed-up watching daytime re-runs of repeats of re-showings of Friends (ffs how many of them did they make!?) get your thinking cap on and get busy.




We're proud to announce that our judge for the very first Shark Awards short film script writing competition (bit of a mouthful that!) is the brilliant and very lovely features director Paddy Breathnach.

Paddy began his own career making short films and natural history documentaries before the draw of story telling through film drama became his format of choice!

His most recent feature film ‘Rosie’ - with screenplay by Roddy Doyle - explores the heartbreak of homelessness and was awarded first prize at the French Film Festival "La pauvreté sans clichés" in Montreuil, and also showed in Toronto.

In 2015 Paddy directed the very open, honest and really quite moving Spanish language LGBT film ‘Viva’ which was set in Cuba and won the ADL Stand Up Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and shortlist for best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards. It also premiered at Telluride and screened at Sundance.

Paddy said: "I'm very honoured to be judging Shark Awards Short Film Script Writing Competition. These opportunities are vital part of the film industry and the creative community, not only for the emerging of new talent but adding fresh ideas, a new energy and way of thinking to the status quo which can only add to the evolution of creativity and innovative ideas. During my judging, I’ll be looking to be utterly engaged and wanting to feel compelled to turn to the next page.”

Paddy will select the winning script out of an expected high number of entries hoping to win the coveted cash prize of €1000 and be honoured as Shark Awards Short Film Script Writing Competition winner!


Winner - Mary Kirwan

with her entry entitled "Soulmate Wanted

The 5 minute short film script follows Gwen, a pedantic believer in all things mystical who has just received a sketch of her soulmate. Determined to find love and hope in a pandemic, she launches her own personal search campaign. Mary's script was heralded the best by Paddy, he commented: “Choosing a winner wasn’t an easy task as there were many great scripts entered but for me “Soulmate Wanted” stood out because of it’s wonderful comedy and humanity, it’s great concept and the precision and craft in the writing. “

Mary, a costume assistant coming from the theatre world in Dublin, this is her first ever script and said: “I am over the moon to win this award. Winning it has quietened any thoughts that writing is just a pipe dream and has really encouraged me to keep going.”

The script is available to prospective directors/producers who may wish to collaborate with Mary to get this made into a finished film.



  • Conor Going "Gallows Humour"

  • Medb Johnstone "Where We All Belong"

  • Tim Riley "The Start of Something"

  • Nick Fore "F*cking B*tch"

  • Patrick Ryan "Martyr"

  • Mary Kirwan "Soulmate Wanted"

  • Lorenzo Sorbini "Boys Don't Cry"

  • Richard Salguero "Had An Accident Recently?"

  • Neil Saul "Just The Trick"

  • Cole Squires "Afflicted"

  • Steven Blows "Soar"

  • Mark Dollard "Weeping Wall"

  • Charles Hall "Sleeper"

  • Lee Chambers "Sugar Rush"

  • Charlie Doris "Tuff Guy"

  • R. J. Cardullo " The Teacher

  • James Sellick "Break"

  • Daisy Cave "Reality"

  • Theo-ziny Joel "Clicks"​

  • Joe G Clift "The Buskers"

  • Matthew Cook "Unknown Caller"

  • Nick Coates " Carried Away"

  • Max Blustin " Sage"

  • Matt Fitch, Chris Baker "Vote TAL"

  • Mike Felix, Kirsty Masefield "A Chat Over Death"

  • Kate Dolan "The Disappearance of Conor McIntryre"

  • Dickie Connell "What People Find Funny"

  • Aaran Parry "Ice Cream In Winter"

  • Alex Webb "A Beautiful Day"

  • Marjory E. Leposky "La Fuente (The Fountain)"

  • Saeed Zamanian "The Flower Play"

  • Ken White "Two Women"

  • Robert Boyle "Dust"

  • Mark Osborne "Mom-o-morphus"

  • Mark Daponte "The Disagreeable Dinner"

  • Nicola Thompson "A Talk In The Park"

  • David Cowzer "Rainbow Republic"

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